Legal Guidance for Employment Matters

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Our labour & employment law services include providing advice and assistance with matters such as:

  • Employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Resignation and termination
  • Termination of lease agreements including early termination;
  • Employment procedures and policies
  • Layoffs
  • Vacation and leaves of absence
  • Employee misconduct
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Bad faith terminations of your lease;
  • Workplace human rights and accommodation
  • Wrongful dismissal and civil litigation.
  • Any other concerns that may arise

Planning Ahead and Preventative Approach

We understand that the resolution of workplace issues can become prolonged and contentious. Our employment lawyers use their expertise to help our clients avoid difficult and costly issues. We help our clients ensure that minimum employment standards relating to issues such as hours of work, termination and severance pay, leaves of absence including parental leave, overtime pay, and all other minimum employment standards prescribed by law are met.

We also assist our clients in managing the relationship between employee and employer. This allows us to prevent issues in the workplace before they occur and help maintain a harmonious workplace. Should a client anticipate that a significant workplace event will take place such as a termination, resignation, or layoff, our thorough approach to assisting clients manage their workplace relationships allows the event to take place without further issues or disputes.

Management of Employment & Labour Disputes

The best-laid plans may still go awry. When that happens, our employment lawyers assist our clients to resolve workplace disputes and achieve their desired results. Our experience allows us to effectively reach beneficial settlements of workplace disputes or, if necessary, represent our clients in litigation whether through the court system, administrative tribunals such as the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, or arbitration. Our strengths lie in our communication with our clients which allows us to help them reach their desired outcomes and resolve their, often emotionally and physically draining, workplace disputes.

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