Immigration Law

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make Canada their home, and more and more of these individuals are finding themselves drawn to the lifestyle and opportunity in Eastern Ontario. Moving to Canada for business or personal opportunity is an exciting life event, but it can also be stressful, and immigration procedures can be daunting.


Some questions which come up during the immigration process which a lawyer can assist with include:

  • When does someone need a visa to visit Canada?
  • When does someone need a study permit?
  • I would like to visit family in Canada frequently, do I need a new visa each time?
  • My partner and I are not married; can I still sponsor them to come to Canada?
  • My documents are not in English or in French, do I need a translation?
  • I have criminal convictions in my home country, can I visit Canada?
  • What kind of options do I have to obtain a work permit?
  • Does my visa allow me to work in Canada?
  • What steps are necessary to hire employees who are not Canadian citizens?
  • I’ve received a job offer from a Canadian employer, now what?
  • I am married to a Canadian citizen – am I automatically a citizen, too?
RBHF is pleased to offer a full range of immigration law services, providing assistance with every step, from reviewing immigration options and selecting the appropriate route, to preparing the application. We understand that every person, family, company and situation is different, and we are committing to an approach tailored to your needs.

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