Legal Advice for Health Law, Mental Health Law, and Hospital Law

The legal issues associated with our health care system are increasingly numerous and complex. The regulation of health professionals and institutions continues to intensify, and it can be daunting should you find yourself in the cross hairs of the health and legal systems. RBHF Professional Corporation has the expertise to help navigate the health law system on behalf of health practitioners, physicians, and hospitals.


Our health law services include:

  • Provide advice, counsel, and representation for matters arising under the Health Care Consent Act, 1996, Substitute Decisions Act, 1992, and the Mental Health Act
  • Health privacy concerns
  • Consent and capacity issues
  • Admission to psychiatric and long-term care facilities issues

Health and Mental Health Law

Health Policy

Our health lawyers provide legal and practical advice to individuals, health care providers, and care organizations within the health care sector to help you obtain the best advice for your health, your family, or your professional practice. We can help hospitals and other care facilities to understand their legal responsibilities and obligations in the rapidly changing world of health care.

We are also available for seminars or tutorials on your rights, obligations, or responsibilities as a patient or health care provider.

  • involuntary admissions to hospital
  • long term care admissions
  • community treatment orders
  • assisted human reproduction
  • health privacy, clinical record keeping, access to information
  • end of life decision making
  • incorporation and annual maintenance of Medicine Professional Corporations and CPSO certificates of renewal
  • continuance issues between provinces
  • health policy review and implementation
  • regulated health professional issues

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