Legal Guidance For Family Law Issues

Making the decision to separate or divorce your partner can be difficult. You need to consider where you will live, how you will divide your assets and make arrangements for children involved.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, the family lawyers of RBHF Professional Corporation provide a wide range of legal services to help you find a solution to any domestic disputes that arise during your separation or divorce.

Family Law

Spousal Support Payments

The most common questions surrounding spousal support payments are:

  • How long will the payments last?
  • How much will the payments be?
  • How do I amend the payments if our situation changes?

At RBHF Professional Corporation, we sit down and talk to you about how the law applies to your situation. Whether you are the payee or the payor, our goal is to make sure support payments suit your financial situation and protect your lifestyle.

Child Support And Child Custody

Ontario legislation ensures that a child’s interests are always paramount in any separation or divorce proceeding. At RBHF Professional Corporation, our goal is to help couples maintain a stable environment for their child. We effectively negotiate issues of custody, access, parenting plans, child support payments and other issues of care that may arise.

Marriage And Cohabitation Agreements

We advise you to seek legal assistance in drafting a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement, for the simple reason that it is an important document and you don’t want to agree to something that you don’t fully understand, or to agree to something without knowing your options and considering possible scenarios that our lawyers can help you with.

Similarly, if you and your spouse are discussing separation, a family lawyer’s assistance in drafting a Separation Agreement is can be very helpful. It can ensure that the provisions in your agreement are enforceable, even if circumstances change in the future. It can be flexible and respond to the ideas you or your spouse have. If you consult with a family lawyer, you can be assured that your legal rights and options have been fully considered. You can understand more fully what your options are, so that you will be more confident and secure in the final agreement you reach.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Though some issues can’t be resolved outside of the courtroom, and our lawyers are prepared to advocate on your behalf through to trial, we also offer alternate dispute resolution and will explore avenues of negotiation, mediation and amicable settlement in cooperation with opposing counsel.

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