Legal estate issues may sometimes require intervention by a court or some other decision-making process in order to move to a resolution. Will or capacity challenges, beneficiary disputes, and passing of accounts may require you to interact with the legal system.

Effective Representation For Estate Litigation

Our goal is to bring your matter to a close in the most efficient and beneficial way possible We can help if you are bringing an action or if an action has been brought against you, including:

  • Challenges regarding capacity or the validity of a will
  • Will interpretations
  • Dependent claims
  • Passing of accounts
  • Beneficiary disputes regarding entitlements or distributions

We provide effective representation regardless of your issue or your role in the estate process.

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If you wish to initiate a will challenge or you have questions about how an estate is being administered—or if your actions are being challenged—contact us for a consultation.

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    James McCarthy joined Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster in 2019 after articling as a clerk to the Chief Justice of New Brunswick, the Honourable J.C. Marc Richard, assisting with research on cases before New Brunswick’s [...]

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