Natasha Beitman



Year of Call: 2018

Areas of Practice:

Natasha joined Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster in 2021 as a general litigator, providing services to clients in all matter of legal issues, primarily in the areas of family and criminal defence, as well as small claims court, personal injury and estate litigation. Prior to coming to RBHF, Natasha managed her own firm, NBM Legal, and practiced as a provincial Crown. Natasha started her career at Pretsell Davies Thompson Benton LLP, a full-service firm in Belleville Ontario. Natasha is a member of the Criminal Lawyer’s Association and the Family Lawyer’s Association.

Natasha attended law school at Queen’s University Faculty of Law, where she represented clients with institutional offences at the Queen’s Prison Law Clinic and with Landlord Tenant Board issues with the Queen’s Legal Aid Clinic. Prior to law school, Natasha graduated cum laude from York University with a degree in International Development.

When she’s not reading legal textbooks, Natasha enjoys hiking and kayaking with her husband and her dog, Charlie, and travelling.