Moving to Canada? 5 Things to Ponder


October 1, 2020 It's become a common refrain: "I'm moving to Canada!" Moving to the Great White North is an exciting life change for hundreds of thousands of people per year. But it's not all maple syrup and Canada Geese - there are a number of issues to consider before making the decision. In this blog, we take a look at five questions surrounding some myths about moving to Canada. 1) Is Everyone Admissible to Canada? Before planning a move to Canada, it's important to consider whether you are able to enter the country. In addition to ensuring you have the correct [...]

Moving to Canada? 5 Things to Ponder2021-12-06T11:04:40-05:00

Immigration: LGBT+ Couples from Countries Without Marriage Equality


June 24, 2020 Imagine that you and your partner have decided to move to Canada. You've done the research, picked a community that looks exciting and vibrant (for example, right here in Kingston!) and are getting ready to start the immigration process. But there's still one concern in your mind: you and your partner are in a same-sex relationship, coming from a country where you are not able to marry. You wonder: can we still immigrate as a couple? For many, this is not a hypothetical question, particularly as most immigrants to Canada come from jurisdictions in which same-sex marriage is [...]

Immigration: LGBT+ Couples from Countries Without Marriage Equality2021-12-06T11:02:11-05:00
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