How to End a Common Law Relationship in Ontario


Undergoing the process of dissolving a common law relationship can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally charged experience, often comparable in complexity and emotional impact to the dissolution of a formal marriage.  If you find yourself searching for how to end a common law relationship in Ontario, it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate legal aspects and steps involved to safeguard your rights and make informed decisions. This blog will equip you with invaluable information and insights on effectively navigating the intricate landscape of a common law separation in Ontario, helping you to manage this emotionally challenging [...]

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Can Family Court Decisions Be Appealed in Ontario?


If you have received an unsatisfactory family court decision in Ontario, you may wonder if there is an appeals process you can follow. In most cases, a person is entitled to appeal, but that does not guarantee that the decision will be reversed. To be granted, an appeal requires that the original decision was made by error. It is important to remember that when a higher court looks at the same evidence provided in lower courts, they will usually agree with the lower court, and the decision will be upheld. This means that the appeals court will not overturn the decision [...]

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How Family Mediation Works in Ontario (A Step-by-Step Guide)


Family mediation is a common legal alternative that many people choose when going through divorce or separation. But what is it exactly, and how does mediation work in Ontario? Family mediation in Ontario allows both spouses to sit down, systematically work through their differences, establish terms and conditions, and produce an agreeable solution using an objective third party. Here is a step-by-step guide to family mediation, how it works in Ontario, and some details that can help you decide if it is the right path for you.  What is Mediation in Family Law?  Mediation is the process of using a neutral [...]

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How to Adopt a Stepchild in Ontario


Blended families are a beautiful thing. And depending on the dynamics of your family, you may be looking to legally adopt your stepchild.  The process of stepparent adoption in Ontario is fairly straightforward but it is likely that you have a number of questions at the outset.  To help you understand the basics and prepare for the process, we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions around the adoption of a stepchild in Ontario.  While each situation, and each family, is unique and will have its own circumstances to consider, the following information should be helpful to you in deciding [...]

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How Does Child Support Work in Ontario


There is a lot of misinformation floating around about child support. This includes questions around who pays the child support, how much, and what the consequences may be for not paying it. It is normal to have questions and feel a bit lost when figuring out the child support system. You want to do the right thing, but you might not be sure what the “right thing” to do is. The truth is that everyone’s situation may be slightly different. Although they mean well, relying on the advice of friends or family may not be your best option. What worked for [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Grey Divorces


July 3, 2019 By: Samantha Rosen-Lawlor There have always been couples who divorce later in life. But with an aging baby boomer population approaching the age of retirement, there has been an increase in what has been dubbed “grey divorces”. According to a recent article in Law Times, there are different complexities to divorcing later in life. One aspect of the divorce process most older couples can avoid are proceedings related to child custody and child support. For most older couples, their children have reached adulthood and have started families of their own. This means the parents may not need to interact [...]

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Common-Law Relationships And Estates Law


April 5, 2019 By: Samantha Rosen-Lawlor Common-law couples do not have the same rights as married couples. If your common-law partner passes away without a will, you may not have many legal options at your disposal to protect your rights to his or her estate. It’s important to understand the options you can pursue in this situation, and to discuss them with your partner as you plan your wills to make sure each of you is protected. As outlined on s Steps to Justice page, there are a couple of alternatives that a surviving partner can look into. Below is a very brief [...]

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