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Unlocking Legal Authority: A Comprehensive Guide to Powers of Attorney in Ontario


Have you ever wondered how Ontario's powers of attorney may play a significant role in your estate planning and long-term decision-making? Understanding the roles of powers of attorney can be complicated but our goal is to provide you with the insights you need to properly protect your interests as we navigate Ontario's legal system. By the end of this guide, you will understand the legalities and be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions that fit your unique circumstances. Understanding Powers of Attorney Powers of Attorney (POA) are legal tools that allow someone you trust to make essential decisions on [...]

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The Importance of Estate Planning in Ontario: Protecting Your Legacy


Estate planning is often overlooked, but it is a critical aspect of securing your future and protecting your loved ones.  In this article, we'll explore why estate planning is so important and how it can benefit residents in the province. We'll also touch on how finding a law firm that specializes in estate law services can help you navigate the intricacies of estate planning in Ontario. Understanding Estate Planning Estate planning is the process of making arrangements for the management and distribution of your assets and property after you pass away. It involves outlining your wishes, specifying how your assets should [...]

The Importance of Estate Planning in Ontario: Protecting Your Legacy2023-10-31T10:20:23-04:00

How to Invoke Power of Attorney in Ontario


As human beings, we make choices and decisions every single day of our lives. Some of these decisions are minor, like what to have for dinner, while others are far more significant, like where and how you spend your money. But what happens if you are suddenly unable to make decisions for yourself? What if you were in an accident or became ill and lost the ability many take for granted? Many people, whether through a catastrophic accident, illness, or mental decline with aging, will face impairments that impact their decision-making ability and will need to rely on others to make [...]

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Can a Surviving Spouse Change a Mutual Will?


Most people are aware of the importance of a will yet do not understand that there are different types of wills. Complicating the matter all the more is the potential for a surviving spouse to potentially alter a mutual will that was initially created by both spouses under the guidance of an estate planning attorney. Let’s take a look at the different types of wills in the context of estate planning and whether spouses are legally empowered to amend mutual wills. What is a Mutual Will? It is quite common for spouses to create wills that are similar. Some spouses have [...]

Can a Surviving Spouse Change a Mutual Will?2021-11-18T20:14:01-05:00

What Assets are Subject to Probate in Ontario?


If you have a will and have appointed an executor, you may have the idea that when you pass away, all your assets will need to go through probate before they are distributed to your beneficiaries. This isn’t always exactly what happens. In some cases, only certain assets need probate and in others, probate is not even necessary. There are many misconceptions about probate floating around, and it is hard to know which information is correct. Small details and differences can have a large effect on the probate process, and often, well-meaning friends and family will give advice based on their [...]

What Assets are Subject to Probate in Ontario?2021-09-21T18:39:56-04:00

Is Estate Planning the Same as A Will?


If you are reading this, you have probably decided that it is finally time to cross “getting a will” off your list of things to do. Before you get started, you may have questions. For instance, what is the difference between having a will and estate planning? Are they the same thing? What is an estate planning lawyer? What is a Will? A will is simply a legal document that sets out a person’s wishes about what will happen to their assets at the end of their life. There are formal legal requirements to formatting a will, and these requirements can [...]

Is Estate Planning the Same as A Will?2021-06-21T14:57:17-04:00

Important Items to Consider When Drafting a Will


June 19, 2019 By: Samantha Rosen-Lawlor Thinking about a will can be a difficult process. It means thinking about what would happen to your spouse or partner, children, grandchildren, siblings and family and friends when you pass away. While difficult to think about, it’s also a crucial way to ensure that your wishes concerning your surviving family and friends, are met. Clear directions on how to provide for spouses, adult children and their families, and how you wish to divide your estate can help your family avoid the complications that can arise if your will is vague, or you pass away [...]

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Common-Law Relationships And Estates Law


April 5, 2019 By: Samantha Rosen-Lawlor Common-law couples do not have the same rights as married couples. If your common-law partner passes away without a will, you may not have many legal options at your disposal to protect your rights to his or her estate. It’s important to understand the options you can pursue in this situation, and to discuss them with your partner as you plan your wills to make sure each of you is protected. As outlined on s Steps to Justice page, there are a couple of alternatives that a surviving partner can look into. Below is a very brief [...]

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What Sarah Said


August 24, 2018 By: Jennifer Foster This is one of my favourite songs by Death Cab for Cutie—a mournful composition of a last vigil. Unlike my musician spouse, poignant lyrics will draw me into a song much more quickly than the accompanying musical score. And my pull to this particular song has become even stronger lately as I spend more and more time with clients in urgent and palliative care. Drafting or amending a will during one’s final moments in this world can give comfort and reassurance—asserting control over the process of dying, ensuring loved ones are looked after, perhaps even [...]

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Estate Planning: Choosing a Power of Attorney


July 20, 2018 By: Jennifer Foster In this day and age, not even landing on the moon can protect someone from apparent elder abuse. Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin is suing two of his children and a former manager. The famous astronaut is accusing them of mismanaging his business affairs and of slandering him by claiming that 88-year-old Aldrin has dementia. He wants a court judge to take control of his financial affairs and social media accounts away from his son Andrew. Aldrin claims that he revoked the power of attorney he gave Andrew, but that Andrew still makes financial decisions for him. [...]

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