When to Contact an Employment Lawyer in Ontario


If you are wondering when to contact an employment lawyer, odds are good you already need one.  The time to reach out is as soon as you experience issues with your employment or your employees. As an employer, if you are drafting new employment contracts, policies, or benefits, an employment lawyer can support you in the process and ensure you are not violating employee rights.  These problems can be intimidating and you may be concerned about the costs but the truth is, it is often better to have the situation handled by a professional than it is to do nothing or [...]

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Understanding Wrongful Resignation in Ontario


The current employment and labour landscape have been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses are allowed to resume normal (or near-normal) operations, some are struggling to staff these operations.  Employers are finding that laid-off employees are declining to return to work for a number of reasons. This has left employers short and scrambling to fill necessary positions.  Failure to inform an employer of an intent to resign, and failure to give what is known as reasonable notice, can result in a claim against the employee for wrongful resignation.  The unfortunate reality is that the pandemic is likely to give [...]

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Frustration of Contracts Ontario: What You Should Know


Frustration of contracts is a legal doctrine used most commonly in the area of employment law. While employment lawyers are quite familiar with its meanings and intricacies, most of the people impacted by the doctrine, namely employers and employees are not nearly as clear.  The COVID-19 pandemic has created complicated contractual relationships for many, raising many questions about frustration of contracts in Ontario.  To help employers and employees properly navigate this legal landscape, we are answering some common questions about the doctrine of frustration and what it could mean for you. What is Frustration of Contract? Some contracts contain what is [...]

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