When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering a personal injury, no matter the cause, can be a truly daunting and confusing time. Not only do you need to heal and recover physically and emotionally, but you also need to figure out if you should hire a personal injury lawyer.  There are many instances in Ontario where a personal injury lawyer can greatly benefit your recovery process.  If you are wondering if, and when, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer, this post will help you identify the opportunities available to you, enabling you to truly begin your journey to recovery.  When Do You Need a Personal [...]

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer2021-11-25T10:11:54-05:00

Can a Surviving Spouse Change a Mutual Will?

Most people are aware of the importance of a will yet do not understand that there are different types of wills. Complicating the matter all the more is the potential for a surviving spouse to potentially alter a mutual will that was initially created by both spouses under the guidance of an estate planning attorney. Let’s take a look at the different types of wills in the context of estate planning and whether spouses are legally empowered to amend mutual wills. What is a Mutual Will? It is quite common for spouses to create wills that are similar. Some spouses have [...]

Can a Surviving Spouse Change a Mutual Will?2021-11-18T20:14:01-05:00

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Buying or selling a home is the largest business transaction most people will ever make. You probably have a good idea of what part your realtor plays in the real estate process, but your lawyer’s role may not be so clear. This is not unusual, as people usually know that they need a lawyer as part of the home buying or selling process, but are not always sure why. Not many people know what goes on behind the scenes, and further, what a real estate lawyer does in addition to assisting with home purchases and sales. Below is a short attempt [...]

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?2021-09-28T21:00:33-04:00

What Assets are Subject to Probate in Ontario?

If you have a will and have appointed an executor, you may have the idea that when you pass away, all your assets will need to go through probate before they are distributed to your beneficiaries. This isn’t always exactly what happens. In some cases, only certain assets need probate and in others, probate is not even necessary. There are many misconceptions about probate floating around, and it is hard to know which information is correct. Small details and differences can have a large effect on the probate process, and often, well-meaning friends and family will give advice based on their [...]

What Assets are Subject to Probate in Ontario?2021-09-21T18:39:56-04:00

Do I Have a Criminal Record if Charges are Dropped in Canada

According to the Canadian Department of Public Safety, approximately 3.8 million Canadians have a criminal record. This number includes people who have been convicted of criminal acts, but you may be surprised to learn it also includes those whose charges were later dropped or dismissed, because those charges remain on your record as “non-conviction information”. Having a record can be an obstacle to work and travel, and may affect you in ways that may not immediately occur to you. It is possible to discover you have a record you didn’t even know about for something that happened years ago. Once you [...]

Do I Have a Criminal Record if Charges are Dropped in Canada2022-04-20T18:52:47-04:00

What is the Typical Settlement for an Auto Accident

In Canada, we watch the court drama of our neighbours to the south and wonder if we are eligible for the same type of “court lottery” paydays. The Canadian legal system is quite different from that of the States, and there is a cap, or upper limit, of what settlement you can receive for an injury due to a motor vehicle accident. Usually, higher settlements or awards for damages are reserved for those who have suffered serious injuries. Having said that, most people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident are entitled to some compensation. In Ontario, regardless of who [...]

What is the Typical Settlement for an Auto Accident2021-12-06T11:12:33-05:00

What’s the difference between Dangerous and Careless Driving in Ontario

There are situations where exact wording matters, and being charged with dangerous driving or careless driving is such a situation. In the legal world, words and phrases are often given specific definitions. Dangerous driving sounds very  similar to careless driving, and sometimes people confuse the two, but there is a difference. If you are charged with either, understanding that difference becomes more important. Both dangerous driving and careless driving are serious charges with potential long-term consequences. The major difference between them is that dangerous driving, also known as dangerous operation, is a criminal charge under the Criminal Code of Canada, while [...]

What’s the difference between Dangerous and Careless Driving in Ontario2021-07-14T11:30:54-04:00

How Does Child Support Work in Ontario

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about child support. This includes questions around who pays the child support, how much, and what the consequences may be for not paying it. It is normal to have questions and feel a bit lost when figuring out the child support system. You want to do the right thing, but you might not be sure what the “right thing” to do is. The truth is that everyone’s situation may be slightly different. Although they mean well, relying on the advice of friends or family may not be your best option. What worked for [...]

How Does Child Support Work in Ontario2021-06-29T09:31:21-04:00

What are your legal rights as a renter in Ontario

Knowing your legal rights as a renter is often difficult. You may be getting different stories from different people.. Figuring out where to get solid information is the first step in learning about your rights, and this article sets out to point you in the right direction and answer some of the most common questions about Ontario tenants’ legal rights. Rent Increases and Ontario Tenant Rights in 2021 In 2021, your renters rights in regard to rent increases are a little different from usual. Due to Covid-19, the government of Ontario has passed legislation to freeze rents at 2020 levels. There [...]

What are your legal rights as a renter in Ontario2021-06-21T14:55:08-04:00

What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do For You

There are many misconceptions out there about what real estate lawyers actually do and for many people, what happens behind the scenes in a real estate practice is a mystery. Probably the two most frequently asked questions about real estate lawyers are: Do you need a lawyer when buying a home; and do you need a lawyer to sell your house? The answer to both of these questions is, yes. You need a lawyer to either buy or sell a property. However, a real estate lawyer can do so much more than just helping you to buy or sell a house. [...]

What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do For You2021-09-28T12:46:49-04:00
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