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What To Think About If You’re Thinking About Downsizing

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of leaving the city’s frenetic pace behind for retirement in the country. Or you’ve recently begun to hear the siren’s call of condo living beckoning you to scale back.

As retirement gets closer, kids grow up, and lifestyles change, people tend to think about what’s next. For a lot of us, that means packing up the family home and finding a spot to live happily ever after. While it can be a lot of fun to envision your retirement pad, there’s a lot to consider before making the move. Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about downsizing, we’re here to help.


This is one of my favourite songs by Death Cab for Cutie-a mournful composition of a last vigil. Unlike my musician spouse, poignant lyrics will draw me into a song much more quickly than the accompanying musical score. And my pull to this particular song has become even stronger lately as I spend more and more time with clients in urgent and palliative care.

Estate Planning: Choosing a Power of Attorney

In this day and age, not even landing on the moon can protect someone from apparent elder abuse.

Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin is suing two of his children and a former manager. The famous astronaut is accusing them of mismanaging his business affairs and of slandering him by claiming that 88-year-old Aldrin has dementia.


I was surprised to learn-only just recently-that students are no longer learning to "write" in school. With computers and laptops in school, printing is about as far as the pen goes. Having completed my first post secondary degree on a typewriter-and the second on a computer in a bank of machines located in a dusty basement of the university-it made me pause to think about a world in without writing utensils. 

The Utility of the Small Claim Court - Why Choose the Small Claims Track

Understanding how the Courts of Justice Act and the Small Claims Court Rules operate and apply to your legal claim is fundamental to achieving a successful outcome. While the costs and complexity of litigation can sometimes be a burden to accessing the justice system, the Small Claims Court is designed to streamline the litigation process by simplifying the procedure for claims up to $25,000; not inclusive of costs. 


My first property purchase was fourteen acres of a vacant, rural, wooded lot north west of Kingston. A river crossed over the northeast corner, separating the land into two pieces. The parcel across the river was pretty much unusable-it was landlocked and surrounded by conservation land, ensuring that we would never be looking at a condo or any other unwholesome development. As Torontonians, this seemed like paradise found! 

Capacity Planning

When I worked in the mental health sector, capacity planning meant setting out health care instructions in advance for a substitute decision maker called upon during periods of episodic illness-usually in relation to young adults.

Estate planning involves similar considerations with two main differences: first, capacity planning in these circumstances recognizes that the potential for incapacity is not episodic but probably permanent; and, second, that incapacity planning will involve not only decision making related to treatment of illness, but also financial and long term care decisions.

Wills & Estates - Why Do You Need a Will?

A carefully planned will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. While there are many reasons why this is true, this brief article explains the three most important reasons why everyone should think carefully about planning their estate.