Effective Representation For Estate Litigation

It's common for disputes to arise if there are questions surrounding the interpretation of a will or the perceived intentions of the deceased.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, the lawyers of Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster possess the tools to analyze the merits of any dispute, including:

  • The interpretation of a will
  • The testator's mental capacity
  • Changes to the deceased's family unit

Determining The Strength Of A Case

Whether it's questions surrounding the actions of a power of attorney and the care of elders, or negligent behaviour of the estate trustee, our lawyers will examine the your unique situation and determine if there is a case.

Once we have established the legal issues at stake, we will outline the ways you can pursue or defend your position on the matter. We can negotiate alternative solutions through mediation, or if necessary, take the matter to court.

Schedule A Meeting With Our Lawyers

If you need to challenge the provisions of a will, or have questions about how an estate is being administered, contact our firm today. Call 1-866-352-0102 or arrange a consultation by sending us an email.