Legal Advice For Drafting Wills And Estate Planning

Planning your estate requires more than just drafting a will. Caring for dependants, tax consequences of specific gifts or bequests, the division of assets and decisions regarding healthcare may lead to disputes amongst family members without clear directions.

At Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster, our lawyers have over 45 years of combined legal experience assisting clients with decisions about their estate and personal care. We draft wills and other testamentary documents, we administer the provisions of a will, and resolve any legal disputes that may arise in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Full Review Of Your Estate

We are keen on taking the time to properly assess your properties, liabilities and assets in-depth. Based on our review, we can provide you with options for how to best divide your estate according to your wishes.

Our comprehensive knowledge of estate laws is especially beneficial for complex situations involving:

  • Former spouses and step-children
  • Elder care
  • Extended families and guardianship
  • Business assets and shares
  • Debts and liabilities
  • Disabled beneficiaries

We utilize the services of accountants and financial planners in order to pursue the most beneficial outcome for your estate planning needs.

Estate Trustees And Powers Of Attorney

An estate trustee is someone who administers your estate after your passing. A power of attorney is someone who can make healthcare or financial decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated.

Effective estate planning includes choosing the right people for these roles and to act in your best interests. At Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster, our lawyers can assist you with drafting the required documents to appoint these trusted individuals, and identify their rights and liabilities of the roles they have agreed to accept in accordance with your wishes.

Using A Will Kit

We advise you to have your will drafted by lawyers. Not because a will kit will be invalid, the larger issue is that it may in fact be valid. The risk here is that the provisions included may not contemplate certain aspects of your unique situation and cause legal problems in the future.

At Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster, our estate lawyers share their extensive experience to carefully draft documents tailored specifically for you, your family and your estate. This way, we can utilize the nuances of the law to help you avoid the pitfalls that kits may create, and protect you against potential estate litigation in the future.

Ask For Assistance Today

If you have questions related to drafting a will or how to sufficiently plan your estate, call Ryder-Burbidge Hurley Foster today. You can reach us at 1-866-352-0102 or by sending us an email.